New Deal invites you to learn about its Carte Blanche interior development department.
Our management specialist will guide you in the development and furnishing of your property.


Carte blanche

Carte Blanche offers you à la carte service; simple refitting and maintenance after use, space development or full renovation. Its aims? To optimise and showcase your property. With more than 10 years’ experience, Carte Blanche adapts to your needs and desires whilst placing its most impressive skills at your service. As for all the services we offer you, we do it as if we were doing it for us: with as much personalisation as possible.


Optimisation and enhancement of the property

Did you know that furnishing a property can boost your rental income by as much as 30%? Thanks to our team and long-established partners, we are able to offer you developments or furnishing work that are tailored to your budget.


Fitting out à la carte on quotation and fixed price

Together we will set a budget and take care of showcasing your property to match that budget.


Get inspired by our before and after if you are dreaming of a new home.

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