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Do I have to register my lease?

New Deal will take care of this simple formality and keep the registered copy in its offices.

How can I rent my apartment?

Contact New Deal. We are a professional intermediary between you and your tenant and we offer all appropriate management and leasing services, including the marketing of the property, the negotiation of the lease, the legal formalities, and any problems that may arise such as arrears and litigation.

How can I transfer billing for water, gas and/or electricity contracts?

New deal takes care of quickly transferring water, gas and/or electricity meters to the names of the tenants when they move in. When your property is vacant, we transfer the meter to your name, as the owner.

When will the rent be indexed?

Each year, on the anniversary date of the tenant's rental agreement, New deal will index the rent according to the official Belgian health and rental index.

I'm thinking of selling my apartment, what should I do?

Please contact New Deal. We specialize in the marketing and sale of real estate. Our team can guide you through the entire sales process starting with giving you a fair assessment of the market. You will then be required to sign an official sales mandate that will allow us to begin the sale of your property.

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